Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Night Town

This is a movie I worked on with Silverio do Canto Moniz, the same director of Nomads. It is an advert to appeal people against the practices of Human Trafficking and Forced Prostitution. The overall result was fantastic, specially because this project was made with no money at all, simply with the good will of everyone who worked on it. I did this when I was an intern at the very cool Publicity and Advertising Company República das Bananas, or in English, Banana Republic. Check them out, they have alot of reels and directors working for them so you can see alot of the work done there.
I contributed to this film with the Editing, Soundtrack, Narration and some Visual Special FX. The editing was made, also, with Nuno Pires, the Post-Production Chief at República das Bananas.
I hope you like it.

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